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This is the best treatment ever known to a woman... If you highly sexual or struggle with odors.... This is the product for you...It make you smell like water.... Im talking NO SMELL AT ALL... This was heavenly sent ❤️

very satisfied with the item. Fast shipping

Love love love this stuff

Nothing negative to say

VeeCleanse and Applicators Bundle


Listen my PH has been off for so many years but just 2 nights using this & I can’t even believe it!! Restored me right back!!


I love this product it give me great relief of a bad yeast infection ,I know everyday I can feel normal down there again.

Lov it

Used it one time so far and I notice immediate results love this

Caution Explicit

Call me fountain, no waterfall, no umm liquid gold😂🤦🏽‍♀️ No seriously I am a fan of Vee I recommend this to any woman with a short crevices that are prone to BV’s. I’ve never had a period where I didn’t end up with a BV. No matter what I did I alway ended up taking those disgusting anabiotic meds from my doctor. It got to the point I had a standing order 🤦🏽‍♀️ my Walmart pharmacist knew me by name. I found this VEE product on Instagram and read the reviews and said why not. It came in mail a days after my cycle went off and I was excited to start the process to say the least. The first day I really didn’t notice to much of a difference but the second day HUNNI YESSSSSSSS I quickly noticed that I had no smell and I was Moist but in a healthy way. No dryness! No Odor!

Awesome results !!

I’ve tried some other formula before and it didn’t work as great as this one . Just on day 2 I see results . It’s amazing !!!!!! 100!!


Omg all I can say is this is a miracle I tried everything nothing work I noticed a difference in my 1st use thank you so much veefresh

VeeCleanse and Applicators Bundle


Very fast and a great product

VeeCleanse and Applicators Bundle


Saw a difference after day 1! However, I wish I had more clarity or direction on the length of time to use the product initially then thereafter as maintenance.

Happy to have tried 😁

It worked like a charm

1st time user

This product is amazing i have tried ecerything and nothing I do mean nothing has helpped me this far not even med from a PH so I read the reviews and decided to try this and I'm so glad I did thank u Veefree people this is a god sent and I'm so happy I gave this product 10 starts if I could

Amazing product

This product is amazing I would have never thought I would be free from BV I thought I will have to go to the doctors every time to get antibiotics but this bee VeeFresh is amazing and I’m not being paid to say this either I literally wish they could sponsor me or something because this is amazing and like I’ve tried everything literally. It worked one day I didn’t need to do it seven days straight, it made my pH balance correct highly recommend this product

I was a Sceptic

I’ve been suffering from BV for over 5 years. After using it for 4 days && no results,, I almost gave up. The bottle says use for 7-14 days if needed. Well I did, && this stuff is like magic in a bottle!! Everything is back to normal. It actually smells like a normal vagina now. I will most definitely have to keep this in my medicine cabinet. Thank you for this product!

Great product

Really love how it works. Keeps you fresh.

I love this product

So far so good!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when getting this product. I was nervous to be honest but one day one of using I could tell a difference! I have struggled with Chronic BV and yeast for years and antibiotics only do so much for me. I tried this and within 3 days my symptoms were practically gone. I did a 7 day treatment just to be sure but everything is so far so good as of now! Really worked! Took away the odor that comes with BV, the itching and irritation. I’ve never felt more cleansed! I haven’t had the chance to see how long I can go without getting another bacterial infection but I am hoping this keeps the reoccurrence down. I am now a lifelong customer and plan to use this 3 times a month to balance my pH as well! Thanks Veecleanse!

Awesome Product !

Did my research on the product for a few months and finally decided to give it a try .Worked right away ! No complaints at all ! I would recommend anyone who's experiencing any problems with BV or yeast infection to give it a try. I'm glad I did !

All I can say is Thank you Jesus

I was skeptical as well but I promise you, you can't go wrong on this.

The Best thing since slice bread!!!

This product is the absolute best and it works exactly how it say's. I been using this product since October 2019 and love it!!!

Boric Acid suppositories

I absolutely love this product I saw results after entering one suppository. It’s honestly better than the embarrassing visits to the OB/GYN. I will be buying again ❤️❤️