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Best Shit Ever Made!!

I’m not gonna to lie! I was super skeptical if this product. But I’ve tried everything so I said what do I have to lose! And OMG this is a vagina miracle pill!!! I’ve struggled with BV for over 15yrs, but with one pill it was gone! Before Veefresh I tried everything under the sun and yet nothing worked! I’ve been to the doctor and tried all kinds of remedies but again nothing worked. I used it for 5days straight (but I could completely tell a difference after the first pill) and now I use it 2x a week. Not because I’m experiencing any symptoms because I haven’t. I’m just personally doing to remain a healthy ph! This is something that I will always keep in the medicine cabinet! I love it and truly thankful for Veefresh!

My experience.

I suffered from CHRONIC infections for about 3 years . Actually since I was 10 .. I’m now 20 . 17-20 , it got completely worse . I was so embarrassed, my boyfriend understood but it was embarrassing. I went on google & typed in medicine for chronic infections after taking creams & diflucan .. to the point where I took it EVERY other week twice a week . I lost faith & I was depressed, but after searching for a cure .. I’m so happy to say that I haven’t gotten an infection in 3 months . I even cried I was so happy , now I’m so confident & happy ! Thank you so much for this medicine !


Cured both BV and yeast infection in just 3 days! And it hasn’t came back yet this was over a week ago. & I am one who gets these reoccurring all of the time.

It didn’t work for me!!!

I will say it does get rid of it, but it also comes back, I used it three different times for 5-7 days and like always when i had intercourse it’s back, i even used 1-2x after intercourse nope didn’t work for me!!! I guess being that they have all GREAT reviews everybody’s chemistry is the same welp not mine!!!!


Every woman should have this. This product is amazing for the moments your vagina is not acting right or on your period. One time use and it cleared the smell and balanced my ph levels. I had BV for 5 months straight I finally went to a doctor and he mentioned that my partner and I have mycoplasma hominid which is a bacteria and also considered a sexually transmitted disease as well. So both of us were on antibiotics but Veefresh helped so much before I saw the doctor.

This product is sent from GOD.....seriously

Let me start by saying this is the 2nd review I've ever written on any products. I'm always reading but never writing them but I feel I MUST report. I've been dealing with this foul fishy smell for years!!! I have tried EVERYTHING!! I've been on antibiotics (only gave temporary results & dried me out). Douching with ACV... with yogurt...tea tree oil and yoni pearls, which helped for a while but messy and a yeast infection always followed. Stuffing tissue down there to prevent the smell when using public bathrooms...EVERYTHING!!! I had come across the ad for VeeFresh several times, saying I'm gonna give it a try but never did. Finally, one day I said "Screw this, I've read the reviews and I'm at my wits end trying to "hide" this smelly fishy discharge. It's worth the try. O...M...G... my life has changed. No longer denying or refusing to let my bf touch me in certain places without running to the bathroom to "freshen up". Please, please, please, please give this a try... It will change your life. I'm only a week in BUT Honey I'm in love

This is life

After 1 day the odor was immediately gone. I suffer from bc every so often and nothing seems to help at least not for long. I'm only going on day 3 tomorrow but I'm already pleased. And I know after a week of using I will be more happy than ever. Thanks for the beer cleanse 😍

Daughter says it works!

My daughter is 17 she has been having reoccurring yeast infections since 14 she has been using for a week now she says " mom the itching stopped and i think its working" she has been to so many doctors appointments none of the medication worked, but this looks very promising! I will do a follow up review in a week thanks so much for your product

Everything and more!

EXCELLENT product for those suffering from frequent BV. I used this product after Boric acid suppositories were recommended by my Dr to help with the frequent BV. This product Got rid of BV and all it’s annoying symptoms. The Holy Grail! 🙌🏽

Veecleanse and Applicator Bundle

With ONE pill (literally within hours), I could see a difference. Used it the next day and it’s been BOMB! Where has this been my whole life?! Glad to see I’m not the only one that’s been dealing with this for years! Antibiotics COULD NEVER lol


These are the best!!! I've been battling bc for 6months 1st night I used these and it was gone!! I am so happy no odor or discharge amazing

Did not seem to work

Does not seem to work

Absolutely the best!!!! I wish I can give this product a 20 star that’s how amazing it is.. finally found something that works!

Best product for BV Hands down!!!!

I wanted to wait until I had been using the product for over a month before I wrote a review. I must say this product does not disappoint!! I started using it back in july and have not had a flare up of BV since using it! No doctors visits no prescriptions no nothing! Normally I would be calling in to my doctors office but this product even works for yeast as well im amazed and will always be a loyal customer from here on out. I've battled with bv since a teenager I'm now 27 years old and this is the 1st product I've found that actually works the first time without recurrences my sex life has even improved due to this product i couldn't have found anything better its definitely a game changer for all the people who have suffered like I have for so long!

So far I can tell the difference after 3 days!!

So far the product seems awesome!! I get bacteria infections like my allergies! I use to get get canker sores along with a yeast infection if I was extremely stressed out. Nothing ever worked for long. I just wanted to rip this part out of my body! I tried this on a whim! It after 3 days seems to be clearing up the discharge and Oder and meds. My only complaint is I bought the applicators and they just didn’t work. As soon as the tablet entered my body it just started to dissolve, it’s way to warm up there! Half got stuck to the applicator and it started to fall apart. I just use my finger like I insert my Nuva ring! I’m praying this is the answer to all my issues! It’s been amazing so far!


I was completely spectacle about trying this. It worked the very first night and actually started working not too long after I inserted it. 10/10 recommend ladies this changed my life and my confidence!!


This product is AMAZING! I suffer with BV and after one day of use i noticed a dramatic difference!! I feel more confident and I feel back to myself !!!

It really works

This stuff is amazing, after my historectomy, vaginal balance is easily thrown off, this stuff works wonders and I feel much better in that area.

They work and they're Amazing 😍😍

I was skeptical at first but when I used one I didnt have anymore problems I highly recommend.

Love it!

I have struggled with BV for a few years now. Every time I went to my gynecologist , she would give me different things to see if it would work but it never even remotely helped. I read the reviews on here and decided to give it a try. I noticed a huge difference after one pill! I do have to continue to use it though. I noticed that if I don’t use it for a few days, the smell starts to come back. The results might be different for everyone though. But no complaints because this is the only thing that has given me results! I will continue buying.

Great Product

Was struggling with BV for quite some time . I user ver fresh and had almost 100% results after first use. No odor, no discharge. I recommend to anyone struggling

Not sure yet

Looked good and the reviews were good, but when I talked to my Dr after ordering it, she said that it CAN help to prevent yeast infections and there is no clinical data showing boric acid does anything for BV. Super disappointing.

Anyone with a vagina needs these!!! I don't think I can be anymore blunt lol I love these and noticed change with one single pill!

Amazing product AAA+++

I have reoccurring yeast and bacterial infections due to my diabetes and all the medicines the doctor prescribed has stopped working. After searching and searching for alternative solutions, I have finally found your product that I will be using from now on!!! Works wonders and is quick to clear up anything going on! Even use after sexual activity to prevent anything!!!! Thank you VeeFresh

ThiS really works

I bought these for my fiancé. Everything throws her balance off. She was in love with this product and said 7 stars if she could