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Absolutely in love.

I have a monthly subscription, and will have one as long as the business is open for me to order, with any other product i always tend to contract a baterial infection. I’ve been using VeeFresh a long while and don’t have any issues ❤️

Money well spent

I too am overly sensitive, I’m talking if you look at me wrong I got a bacteria attack…I’m talking honey real life I love it from the soap to the suppositories, to the test strips I believe I ordered most if not all of them,…I’m a first timer so l was way skeptical but yes I opened my eyes and it was not a dream!!! I can literally do a commercial for it and they would sell the hell out!!! Period!!! lol lbvs

Love it

Will be purchasing again!

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance

VeePower Control and Prevent

Excellent product

I’m delicate and this product has been nothing but goodness keeps me fresh all the time there is definitely no smell at all I am glad I found veefresh

Vee fresh

Hello, I love, love the wash. It’s absolutely the BOMB! I will use forever. Ladies you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Vee Fresh!

Products works!

VeeFresh thanks for creating the products really do work!!!

Works wonderfully

I love this product. I’ve been using it for 2.5 years now, going on 3. Happy I found it.


This product is simply Amazing! You vaj-j will be so happy after using this product. Every soap I’ve ever used has giving me a yeast infection but this cleanser cleared the infection in 2 days and is fragrant free! I’m in love. Thanks 😊


I don't usually write reviews. I really liked this product. Wasn't sticky and worked well. Ty

The products are awesome! Hands down!

I am very pleased with this product line. I got the bundle. I have used the vitamins, the wipes, and the wash. I haven’t used the suppository yet. But this product line is what I will be using until I can no longer. I am super super sensitive in my parts and I have felt so much more confident with myself using these products. Even when it’s playtime with my husband…I am more moist and more fresh than I ever was!!! I also want to say the customer service with this company is great! My first package was taken off my porch and they took great care of me! I really appreciate that and for that alone they get 5 stars from me!!!

VeeSlide Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Love it so far!!!

I’ve been using for a few days. I’ve never felt fresher! I had Bv when I start the suppositories, and after the first night? Odor GONE! I’m still using them for the full seven days n will maybe do it twice a week after that. The soap, wipes? THE BOMB!!! I’m just grateful and know my fight with reoccurring bv is gone!!!!

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance

VeeCleanse With 7 Applicators

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance


By far the best feminine wash I've ever used.

Awesome Product Veecleanse

For years I have battled with BV and yeast infections, this product really works, I’m not yeasty down there when I use Vee cleanse, I also used the Vee wash, it leaves me clean and fresh. Thankyou

When I say this product is the best I have been dealing with BV an yeast infection an vaginal odor for a couples years now an when I say since I started this product I have notice a big difference I love it an I am never turning back

VeeGentle Sensitive ACV Wash

Love Love Love It

Veefresh has a refreshing scent. It goes with the pH balance of your body. Keeps me feeling fresh.

Love love love this product

I’ve always had issues with my PH being thrown off and I was prone to yeast infections/BV but after discovering this product over a year ago I have not had any issues and I always feel fresh and clean!

VeeCleanse With 7 Applicators

Love it. It truly is as advertised.