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I love the Trio

It has done wonders for me and Vee. We are both happy with the outcome. She is purring again!! Thank you VeeFresh.

VeeReady Total Fem Care
Michelle Scott

So for so good

Attn: Menopausal People!

I was thrown into early and advanced menopause due to a chemo treatment for cancer. I went on bio-identical HRT. About 6 months into it, I noticed symptoms like BV (irritating watery discharge and fishy odor). All my tests came back Negative for BV, yeast infections and everything else. It was a hormone thing. I got a ph balancing cleanser that helped a little but it didn’t seem to matter how much I washed. I couldn’t get rid of the smell or the discharge. It has been LITERALLY 3 + years like this. I went off my hormones and it got worse. I thought this was some thing I would just have to accept …until I found these capsules. It worked after just one night! I woke up the next morning and to my surprise, it was as if the whole thing never happened. Such a relief.

Even if I skip a day of showering, my crotch no longer smells like a hot Chinatown garbage dumpster in the summer 👍 A million thanks.

They work!!!!

Worked first night, but used 3 nights in a row. Game changer, so glad I found this product!

The best product ever

OMG.. the best. It's helped me so much I can't eveneven explain. Beyond happy will keep ordering

VeeFresh wash

I Love it

Just 2 little concerns

Overall the product is amazing and does exactly what it says. The first 3 days I used them every day. Then every other day and now I haven’t needed them at all. However, the applicator is entirely too long and is uncomfortable to use and second, I don’t know if it was a coincidence but after the second use, I got a UTI. Bad. But that like I said could have already been going on.

VeeBiotics and feminine wash

I been using the feminine wash its the the business love it!!! No odor keeps me fresh! Just started taking the supplement capsules for Vaginal and Gut health i love yalls products!!!

Cheryl Oldham

❤️❤️❤️ it

VeePower Control and Prevent

VeePower Control and Prevent
W. Nasirah Rollins
All Doubt Aside

This product is really effective at preventing odor!! It's gentle and easy to use.

Love it

This Vee Fresh need to be in every woman's daily life make it a daily routine. I love love will definitely be a continuing customer.

VeePower Control and Prevent

VeePower Control and Prevent

VeeWipes - Infused with ACV

Great product. I will purchase again.

Best product ever

I have suffered with bv for over 20 years now. I've went to so many doctors and take medicine and nothing help me. Everywhere I go people make fun of me but I thank God I saw this ad. I read the testimony and I decided to order. I noticed a big difference after the first used. I will order more. Thank you so much created this product with every woman in mind

Great purchase

I am very happy with my purchase and I'm glad I gave your products a try I love my results and u now have a customer for life

VeeCleanse body wash

So far I've only been using the body wash and I love it. It does what it's supposed to do, it works so well for me I will be purchasing as much as I need to: )

Immediate relief of symptoms

I wasnt suffering from more than mild itching and odor, but both the wash and the depositories subsided my symptoms within a day. I noticed that my BV started to come back when i stopped using the depositories but i would 100% recommend this products for people to maintain a healthy pH and keep your lady down their clean, and especially incase you are in need of a quick fix.

I love vee fresh it gave me the confidence I was lacking!!

VeeBiotics for Vaginal & Gut Health

I love it.

VeeCleanse With 7 Applicators

VeeReady Total Fem Care
Eurica Stanley-Robinson
After surgery I got a UTI INFECTION

After my surgery I got a UTI infection everything I tried didn't work for me I tried over the counter, also my Gyn gave medication and that didn't work I was online and I say the Vee power so I said I'm going to try this and see ifbit works for. And when I receive it I tried it the same night I took the UTI pills I used the wash and the inserts I felt instant relief from the wash and the insert a like three days later I felt no irritation or itching this product is a God sent thank you vee power.