VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance
VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance
VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance
"Been searching for a product for vaginal odor. And when I say this is the best results I’ve ever had, I mean it!"

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance

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You'll unleash radiant confidence with our simple, clean formula that brings perfect balance back to your vagina. One little vagina pill is all you need to have a happy, healthy, amazing feeling vagina—no harsh chemicals or fillers. VeeCleanse is the natural, at-home way to alleviate vaginal odor.

Confidence & Freshness

VeeCleanse isn't just for good feminine hygiene - the feeling of confidence and freshness is what it's really all about!

pH Balancer

A normal vaginal pH falls between 3.8 and 4.5. When your pH is within this range it is much easier to keep odor and discomfort at bay.

Pure, Cleansing Formula

Our products don’t contain any ingredients that aren't absolutely needed for an effective formula. We believe in simple clean formulas.

Effective & Long-Lasting

VeeCleanse offers effective odor control and the ability to remain effective year-after-year. VeeCleanse has become the go-to routine for thousands of women!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4007 reviews
Brianna Keith

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance

Dios Mio!

Listen. I’ve tried it all. But this right here! Is the only thing I’ve used that actually works for me. No odor! (being more consistent about the use). I get brazilian waxed once a month & even my waxer mentioned that she doesn’t smell me anymore! Thats when i knew this is worth it!

Kia Pete

I love the suppositories. It is my go to to balance out my Ph levels and for freshness. Because of this product I have been making less trips to the doctor. I feel in control of my sexual health now. Thank you

Melissa Johnson
Love it

My boyfriend was constantly telling me I smelled. I had done everything and nothing helped. I went to the doctor and was prescribed medication that didn't help. I was at a loss of how I could still smell. I stumbled across Veefresh as a last resort thinking it wasn't going to work. As nothing else ever had. These products are great no more smell

Denise Deleon
Feeling fresh

Im so glad I found your company
I've always had an unpleasant order down below thanks to your amazing suppositories
Thank you

Ariana Wright
Life Safer

I have been dealing with BV. Well that’s over now!! These are a life saver!! No BV smell at all and my PH has been restored and is great. Thank you for creating a great product for my kitty❤️

Keva Hayslett

VeeCleanse Suppositories for Vaginal Odor and pH Balance


Used it once and it worked so well. Couldn’t believe the smell went away after one use. I did get a clear discharge so will definitely use overnight. Excellent product. Will be trying the other products soon.

LIFE Changing

I wish I had discovered these products YEARS ago! ❤️

Absolutely have to try!!

I had a yeast infection on and off for a month and a half. Tried a bunch of different things to get rid of it (Monistat, went to the doctors, tried correcting my diet). Did this one night and my entire body felt different, I knew it was gone it was amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in VeeCleanse?

100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid - no fillers or additives. The suppositories are made of Gelatin.

Can I use VeeCleanse while pregnant?

We do not recommend VeeCleanse while pregnant. Ask your doctor about using VeeCleanse or alternatives during pregnancy.

Can I take VeeCleanse orally?

Never orally consume VeeCleanse. Use our applicators or your finger for vaginal insertion only.

Does VeeCleanse have side effects?

Side effects of using VeeCleanse are rare, but can include watery discharge, mild burning, gritty sensation in the vagina.

How far do I insert the suppositories?

As far as it will go without pain or discomfort. VeeCleanse DOES NOT come with applicators currently. If you prefer, you can purchase 7 packs of suppository applicators on our site.

Can I use VeeCleanse on my period?

Yes! VeeCleanse can be used to help reduce odor that menstruation can sometimes create.

What are the suppositories made of?


When is the best time to use VeeCleanse?

We suggest VeeCleanse at night to ensure the capsule stays in for a longer period of time.


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