VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories
VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories
VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories
VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories
VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories
"VeeCleanse did more than remove my odor. It boosted my confidence, enhanced my sex life, and changed my life drastically!"

VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories

Fast-acting boric acid suppositories that balance pH and alleviate vaginal odor. Includes 1 free applicator with purchase.

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  • The #1 at-home remedy for combatting vaginal odor and discomfort.
  • Provides relief in as little as 24 hours, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh after just one use.
  • Promotes a healthy pH balance and optimal vaginal environment
  • Restores self-confidence during intimacy.
  • Responds to stubborn vaginal symptoms when other remedies don't.
  • Recommended by OB/GYNs.

    • Prior to using VeeCleanse, shower and wash your vulva with our pH balanced soap VeeGentle.
    • Insert one VeeCleanse suppository before bed for 7 days or until symptoms subside.
    • Make sure to wear a panty liner as the capsules may slightly discharge overnight.
    • After the initial cleanse, we recommend using VeeCleanse for maintenance as needed after events that may disrupt your vaginal pH balance like sex, periods, or working out.

    • 600mg Pure Pharmaceutical-Grade Boric Acid
    • Gelatin Capsule
    • No Fillers or Additives
    • USA made

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4224 reviews

I’ve been a customer for years

works great!

i had smelly discharge for years and nothing worked, but i got this and it works SO good. i would be scared to have sex bc i smelt so gross. but i used this and the smell was gone, i use it maybe once a week now. still no bad smells. definitely recommend!!! one downside for me was just the watery discharge after waking up but it got less with every use.


Just wow it's amazing, I feel fresher
... wetter lol I'm sold just on the suppositories alone can't wait to try the other products!

Connie Konkel

This always works great for me after my period

Charisa Wells

VeeCleanse Vaginal Suppositories

Bobbiegaye Green
It works

These suppositories really work

Amy Robertson

Love them they work

I love them

They are very refreshing

Senovia Graham
So in LOVE

When I tell you I'm in LOVE honeyyyy I'm in L-O-V-E. I got the cleaning wash and the boric acid vagina suppositories they both work wonders. I feel good and smell good...thank you 😘

Ayanna Williams

I love the sensitive cleanser so much and the wipes are amazing also. 10/10 recommend!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in VeeCleanse?
100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid - no fillers or additives. The suppositories are made of gelatin.
Can I use VeeCleanse while pregnant?
We do not recommend VeeCleanse while pregnant. Ask your doctor about using VeeCleanse or alternatives during pregnancy.
Can I take VeeCleanse orally?
Never orally consume VeeCleanse. Use our applicators or your finger for vaginal insertion only.
Does VeeCleanse have side effects?
Side effects of using VeeCleanse are rare, but can include watery discharge, mild burning, or gritty sensation in the vagina.
How far do I insert the suppositories?
As far as it will go without pain or discomfort. VeeCleanse DOES NOT come with applicators currently. If you prefer, you can purchase 7 packs of suppository applicators on our site.
Can I use VeeCleanse on my period?
Yes! VeeCleanse can be used to help reduce odor that menstruation can sometimes create.
When is the best time to use VeeCleanse?
We suggest VeeCleanse at night to ensure the capsule stays in for a longer period of time.

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