VeeReady Care Kit - Bundle & Save!

Be ready for whatever your Vee throws a you with the VeeReady Care Kit. From Odors and discharge to bladder support, VeeReady covers it all.

What's Included

  • One bottle of VeeCleanse (30 suppositories) for vaginal pH balancing.
  • One bottle of VeeTract for UTI and bladder support.
  • One 7-pack of suppository applicators for VeeCleanse
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Both VeeCleanse and VeeTract have been doctor-reviewed and recommended as great solutions for vaginal infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is in the boric acid suppositories?

    100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid. The suppositories are made of Gelatin.

  • Q: What is boric acid?

    Boric acid is a white, odorless substance that has many anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. When you insert it into your vagina it "flushes" your vagina of troublesome bacteria & yeast.

  • Q: Can I use boric acid suppositories during pregnancy?

    The knowledge of boric acid's effects on pregnancy is currently limited. We conservatively recommend to not use boric acid while pregnant or nursing.

  • Q: Does boric acid cause a vaginal discharge?

    In most cases, yes it will. We recommend using boric acid suppositories at night with a pantyliner or sanitary pad to catch the discharge.

  • Q: Are there any side effects with boric acid?

    Side effects from using boric acid vaginal suppositories are rare, but can include burning, itching, or a gritty sensation.

  • Q: How long does it take boric acid to work?

    The majority of our users report report extreme improvement and relief overnight.

  • Q: How long should I wait before having sex after using VeeCleanse?

    We suggest waiting 10-14 hours after using the suppository and showering before being intimate.

  • Q: Can I use this product with an IUD?


  • Q: What is D-Mannose?

    The main ingredient in VeeTract! D-Mannose is a type of simple sugar that blocks certain types of bacteria from growing in the urinary tract. However, it is not metabolized by the body like regular sugar we eat.

  • Q: Can this be taken daily?

    Yes these can be taken daily, especially if you commonly have UTI issues.

  • Q: Will VeeTract change my urine color?


  • Q: Does VeeTract include Cranberry?

    No. Cranberry extracts are not as effective as D-Mannose and Hibiscus extract.

  • Q: What are the side effects of VeeTract?

    It can cause diarrhea, loose stools, and bloating.

  • Q: How quickly does VeeTract work?

    VeeTract's main ingredient D-Mannose is rapidly absorbed and reaches organs within 30 minutes, after which it may be excreted via the urinary tract. Some report relief in a as little as a few hours.

  • Q: Are they taken by mouth?

    Yes! VeeTract is taken by mouth.

  • Q: Does this work for men too?

    Yes! The natural sugars cleanse urinary tracts for both men and women.

  • Q: Are there any side effects with VeeTract?

    Side effects from VeeTract can include diarrhea, bloating, and loose stools. If taken in very high doses can harm kidneys. Do not take more than 2 tablets per day and seek doctor advice if UTI persists.

Treat 'Vee' Issues The Natural Way

VeeReady has the natural, at-home solutions for fast, effective relief of the most common vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and UTIs.