VeeOdorant - Body & Vee-Safe Deodorant
VeeOdorant - Body & Vee-Safe Deodorant
VeeOdorant - Body & Vee-Safe Deodorant

VeeOdorant - Body & Vee-Safe Deodorant

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Stay fresh from head to toe with our all-body and Vee-safe deodorant. VeeOdorant offers long-lasting, odor-blocking protection with a smooth application and clear finish to help you feel confident everywhere, everyday.

-Fragrance-free (unscented)

All Body-Safe

Body odor can happen anywhere from head to toe. VeeOdorant is safe to use externally on any part of your body where you may sweat.

Dries Clear

VeeOdorant dries clear so you won’t experience unappealing white clumps or leftover residue after applying.


Deodorants with fragrance are often filled with unnecessary and toxic ingredients. VeeOdorant is fragrance-free for safe and irritation-free application for even the most sensitive skin.


No more worrying about trying to mask or conceal odor with artificial fragrances. VeeOdorant efficiently blocks odor before it forms, leaving you odor-free after just one application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Felicia Bryant
Vee fresh deodorant

I love it!

Good Deodorant

Will purchase again my arms stay fresh

I love it

I love the VeeOdorant! It keeps my V fresh all day! I will definitely order it again!

I literally did not sweat!

Working outside is part of my job and it's still hot. The first time I used this, I didn't even sweat. This stuff is awesome!

Donisha Dunagan
Great job!

The deodorant does a great job. It should be full for the price, not half full.

Tomasha Sherrod
Love it

Love this product


I have been searching for a good deodorant that works for me all day. So far this deodorant has worked very well. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I feel for the price you should get more in the bottle.

The Best

I am so impressed with this deodorant , I have tried all sorts of different natural deodorants and was starting to loose faith and had even went back to the antiperspirant/ deodorants 😞 other natural deodorants usually only work for part of the day or don’t take away all the odor , but this stuff works I was at a football game and it was hot and I was sweaty and guess what no smell ! And it last all day even over night to the next morning. It does what it says and it dries clear. Love this stuff it really works for me.

Best thing ever

My name is Emily and I have had odor problems a lot so this really worked out for me thanks VeeFresh so much for making me confident again

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VeeOdorant?

VeeOdorant is an all body-safe deodorant used to help control body odor.

What are the main ingredients in VeeOdorant?

Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Mandelic Acid, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca, Cetearyl Acid, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Vegetable Glycerin.

How do I use VeeOdorant?

Turn the dial until you reach the desired amount, then with clean fingers wipe the deodorant from the stick and apply externally to areas you experience odor.

What parts of my body can I use VeeOdorant on?

VeeOdorant is all-body-safe, so it can be used anywhere externally on the body that you may experience odor. The most common uses are for the armpits, vulva, inner thighs, under breasts or between the buttcheeks.

Is VeeOdorant tested on animals?

No, VeeOdorant is not tested on animals.

Is VeeOdorant antiperspirant?

No, VeeOdorant is not an antiperspirant.

How often should I apply VeeOdorant?

VeeOdorant can be applied as needed. Use daily for best results.

Does VeeOdorant stain clothing?

VeeOdorant dries clear so it does not stain clothing.


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