Q. What is Boric Acid?

A.  Boric Acid is a white, odorless substance that can be in powder or crystalline form.


Q. Why does Boric Acid work for vaginal issues?

A. Boric Acid contains anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. When inserted in the vagina, it replenishes vaginal acidity and balances the flora.


Q.  Can I use Boric Acid while pregnant?

A. No.


Q. Can I take Boric Acid orally?

A. Never orally consume Boric Acid.


Q. What are the common side effects?

A.  Side effects of using Boric Acid suppositories are rare, but can include watery discharge, mild burning, gritty sensation in the vagina.


Q.  How far do I insert the capsules?

A.  As far as it will go without pain or discomfort.


Q. Can I use an applicator?

A. Yes! Check out VeeFresh applicators for easy and clean insertion.


Q.  Can I use Boric Acid capsules while on my period?

A.  Yes. 


Q.  What is in the capsules?

A.  100% Boric Acid. No fillers.


Q.  What are the capsules made of?

A.  Gelatin.


Q.  Can I insert a capsule any time of day?

A.  Yes. However, we suggest at night to ensure the capsule stays in for a longer period of time.


Q.  What size are the capsules?

A.  00