About Us

I struggled personally with vaginal discomfort and odor for years. I was tired of frequent doctor visits and antibiotic prescriptions. The expenses added up and the results were poor. Why was this happening? There had to be a better solution! 

After much research I discovered that vaginal pH balance is often the root cause of a wide variety of feminine issues. BV, yeast infections, and other common symptoms occur due to unblanaced vaginal pH. The solution is to keep your personal pH levels in check before a nasty outbreak of bacteria or fungi occurs. VeeFresh will keep your pH at healthy, natural levels. 

I created VeeFresh based on personal success with Boric Acid and the desire to help other women in my situation. Gone are the days of being uncomfortable and embarrassed. VeeFresh has reduced doctor visits, medications, and most of all "outbreaks" of unwanted odor and itching. It has changed my life and I suggest you try it too!


Natasha Semago, Founder