Founder / VeeFresh

Welcome to VeeFresh, where we've transformed personal struggles into a thriving community dedicated to empowering women with chronic vaginal issues. Founded in 2019, our journey from frustration to empowerment has led to the development of natural remedies and the creation of VeeBabes, a supportive network of over 15,000 members. Whether you're seeking effective solutions or a safe space for discussion, VeeFresh is committed to helping you reclaim confidence and comfort. Join our sisterhood today and let's navigate this journey together.

Welcome to the sisterhood,

Where Science Meets Nature

Researched, Tried and True

We only create products we fully believe in. All products have been researched, doctor-reviewed, and actively used!

Feminine Care The Right Way

We believe good feminine care is about keeping it simple. We believe women do more harm than good by over-using various feminine care products. Our nature-based, mild solutions are a great fit especially coupled with good feminine hygiene habits.

For The Extra Sensitive

Our line of products are meant to help even with the most sensitive of Vees! Harsh chemicals, fillers, dyes or fragrances in most mainstream feminine care products CREATE discomfort for so many women. We continually examine all ingredients and keep only the absolute essentials for your Vee!