About Us & Mission

VeeFresh was created based on my personal success with Boric Acid and the desire to help other women who have chronic vaginal issues.

In a world with 1,000 different products for any need, we take great care in selecting only the most effective & high-quality products to feature in our store. We aim to provide simple, natural solutions for women who simply need effective vaginal products. Our goal is to offer women a small suite of products for any vaginal troubleshooting need. 

Access to simple treatments of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and UTIs should be easier, and we help make that happen, taking orders online and delivering products to your door. In the United States, doctor access is never too far away. However, in 3rd world countries an OB/GYN can be rare and not local. We take great pride in educating & allowing access to our products from 3rd world countries. In places where doctors and treatments are not common, we provide women with simple, effective solutions. 


Natasha Semago, Founder