VeeCleanse - Boric Acid Suppositories

VeeCleanse is the natural, at-home solution for fast, effective relief of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

  • Pharmaceutical-grade pure Boric Acid
  • Yeast infection treatment
  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) treatment
  • Recurring BV & yeast infections
  • Balancing vaginal pH
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What Doctors Say

“I strongly recommend the use of VeeCleanse Boric Acid Suppositories for women to treat vaginal yeast infections and relieve symptoms such as burning, itching, and odor. VeeCleanse Boric Acid Suppositories helps to maintain proper acid balance in the vagina. It is a great solution for women looking to improve their vaginal health.”

Dr. Helen Okoye,
M.D., M.B.A., M.S.-Epi

Dr. Helen Okoye
Boric Acid

Boric Acid is found in abundance in both plants and oceanic sea water. With its strong antiseptic qualities, boric acid works to balance your vaginal pH to wipe out bacteria.

Vaginal Suppository Usage

Vaginal Suppository Usage

With VeeCleanse, you treat the symptoms as you go. One bottle may last months or years. If you know you are feeling "off" down there, give VeeCleanse 24 hours to get you a fresher, cleaner, cooch!



Insert 1 suppository vaginally (best at night) for 7 days or until symptoms clear.


DO NOT take orally. These are suppositories meant for vaginal insertion only.

What Customers Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 256 reviews
Best Shit Ever Made!!

I’m not gonna to lie! I was super skeptical if this product. But I’ve tried everything so I said what do I have to lose! And OMG this is a vagina miracle pill!!! I’ve struggled with BV for over 15yrs, but with one pill it was gone! Before Veefresh I tried everything under the sun and yet nothing worked! I’ve been to the doctor and tried all kinds of remedies but again nothing worked. I used it for 5days straight (but I could completely tell a difference after the first pill) and now I use it 2x a week. Not because I’m experiencing any symptoms because I haven’t. I’m just personally doing to remain a healthy ph! This is something that I will always keep in the medicine cabinet! I love it and truly thankful for Veefresh!

My experience.

I suffered from CHRONIC infections for about 3 years . Actually since I was 10 .. I’m now 20 . 17-20 , it got completely worse . I was so embarrassed, my boyfriend understood but it was embarrassing. I went on google & typed in medicine for chronic infections after taking creams & diflucan .. to the point where I took it EVERY other week twice a week . I lost faith & I was depressed, but after searching for a cure .. I’m so happy to say that I haven’t gotten an infection in 3 months . I even cried I was so happy , now I’m so confident & happy ! Thank you so much for this medicine !


Every woman should have this. This product is amazing for the moments your vagina is not acting right or on your period. One time use and it cleared the smell and balanced my ph levels. I had BV for 5 months straight I finally went to a doctor and he mentioned that my partner and I have mycoplasma hominid which is a bacteria and also considered a sexually transmitted disease as well. So both of us were on antibiotics but Veefresh helped so much before I saw the doctor.


Cured both BV and yeast infection in just 3 days! And it hasn’t came back yet this was over a week ago. & I am one who gets these reoccurring all of the time.

This is life

After 1 day the odor was immediately gone. I suffer from bc every so often and nothing seems to help at least not for long. I'm only going on day 3 tomorrow but I'm already pleased. And I know after a week of using I will be more happy than ever. Thanks for the beer cleanse 😍

Veecleanse and Applicator Bundle

With ONE pill (literally within hours), I could see a difference. Used it the next day and it’s been BOMB! Where has this been my whole life?! Glad to see I’m not the only one that’s been dealing with this for years! Antibiotics COULD NEVER lol

Everything and more!

EXCELLENT product for those suffering from frequent BV. I used this product after Boric acid suppositories were recommended by my Dr to help with the frequent BV. This product Got rid of BV and all it’s annoying symptoms. The Holy Grail! 🙌🏽

Daughter says it works!

My daughter is 17 she has been having reoccurring yeast infections since 14 she has been using for a week now she says " mom the itching stopped and i think its working" she has been to so many doctors appointments none of the medication worked, but this looks very promising! I will do a follow up review in a week thanks so much for your product


VeeCleanse is recommended by OB/GYNs for general treatment of yeast infections and BV. VeeCleanse is especially effective for those with recurring/chronic symptoms. Thousands of women swear by our natural, at-home solution for BV & yeast infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is in the boric acid suppositories?

    100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid. The suppositories are made of Gelatin.

  • Q: What is boric acid?

    Boric acid is a white, odorless substance that has many anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. When you insert it into your vagina it "flushes" your vagina of troublesome bacteria & yeast.

  • Q: Can I use boric acid suppositories during pregnancy?

    The knowledge of boric acid's effects on pregnancy is currently limited. We conservatively recommend to not use boric acid while pregnant or nursing.

  • Q: Does boric acid cause a vaginal discharge?

    In most cases, yes it will. We recommend using boric acid suppositories at night with a pantyliner or sanitary pad to catch the discharge.

  • Q: Are there any side effects with boric acid?

    Side effects from using boric acid vaginal suppositories are rare, but can include burning, itching, or a gritty sensation.

  • Q: How long does it take boric acid to work?

    The majority of our users report report extreme improvement and relief overnight.

  • Q: When is the best time to use boric acid suppositories?

    The best time to use boric acid is while you're sleeping, which ensures the suppositories stay inside you for an adequate amount of time. Night also helps as it is easier to control the discharge of the suppositories. We recommend wearing a pantyliner when using our product.

  • Q: Are boric acid suppositories safe?

    Yes, they are safe! Boric acid has been used hundreds of years for various vaginal issues. That being said, boric acid for vaginal BV & yeast treatment is safe as long as you use it correctly. NEVER consume orally - it is for vaginal use only.

  • Q: How long should I use boric acid suppositories?

    The length you should use our suppositories varies by person. Our suggestions for severe BV/yeast infections is to use our product twice a day for seven days, or until symptoms subside.

  • Q: How do I use the VeeCleanse boric acid suppositories?

    To use our boric acid suppositories, place suppository into one of our sterile VeeFresh applicators. Insert applicator into vagina as far as it will comfortably go. Release capsule into vagina by pushing the bottom of the applicator. Then remove the applicator. Do this one to two times daily as needed.

  • Q: Can you use boric acid during your period?

    Yes, you can definitely use boric acid during a menstrual period. It is recommended that you use a sanitary pad; as a tampon could absorb much of the suppository.

  • Q: Where can I buy boric acid suppositories?

    You can purchase boric acid right here at (we have free shipping!) or at our Amazon store.

  • Q: Do I need applicators for VeeCleanse to work?

    No. VeeCleanse works the same with or without applicators. However, applicators are handy and are less-messy than inserting the vaginal suppositories yourself. We recommend buying the suppositories in our VeeCleanse bundle.

Treat 'Vee' Issues The Natural Way

VeeCleanse is the natural, at-home solution for fast, effective relief of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.