VeePower Control and Prevent
VeePower Control and Prevent
VeePower Control and Prevent
VeePower Control and Prevent
"Simply the very best and ONLY thing that has ever worked for me!"

VeePower Control and Prevent

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With our 3 hottest-selling products, have your vagina feeling and smelling fresh all day every day! Our VeeCleanse product will get the toughest vaginal odor under control. Our ACV-infused VeeGentle and VeeWipes are excellent daily use products to protect even the most sensitive of Vees from outbreaks, itch, and odor! Make this trio your routine and you'll feel fresh, clean, and confident!

***Due to popular demand, our VeePower bundle now includes our VeeWipes. Enjoy!

VeeCleanse For Odor Control

Stubborn vaginal odor is often times an issue of off-balance pH. A normal vaginal pH falls between 3.8 and 4.5. VeeCleanse will help you keep your pH within this range and keep odor and discomfort at bay. VeeCleanse is the go-to option to get odor under control and fast!

VeeGentle For Odor Prevention

Complex soaps and body washes contain dyes, sulfates, fragrances and other chemicals that wreak havoc on your vaginal pH and thus create odor and discomfort. Our proprietary VeeGentle ACV-infused formula is one-of-a-kind and formulated specifically to help sensitive women avoid nasty odor outbreaks and vaginal balance disruption.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1687 reviews
I love the Trio

It has done wonders for me and Vee. We are both happy with the outcome. She is purring again!! Thank you VeeFresh.

Sheila in Texas
They work!!!!

Worked first night, but used 3 nights in a row. Game changer, so glad I found this product!

AnnaMaria Capuano
The best product ever

OMG.. the best. It's helped me so much I can't eveneven explain. Beyond happy will keep ordering

Shaineia Boswell

VeePower Control and Prevent

W. Nasirah Rollins
All Doubt Aside

This product is really effective at preventing odor!! It's gentle and easy to use.

Love it

This Vee Fresh need to be in every woman's daily life make it a daily routine. I love love will definitely be a continuing customer.

Monique Montoe

VeePower Control and Prevent

Talley Rebecca

VeePower Control and Prevent

Great purchase

I am very happy with my purchase and I'm glad I gave your products a try I love my results and u now have a customer for life

Kiana Colgrove
Immediate relief of symptoms

I wasnt suffering from more than mild itching and odor, but both the wash and the depositories subsided my symptoms within a day. I noticed that my BV started to come back when i stopped using the depositories but i would 100% recommend this products for people to maintain a healthy pH and keep your lady down their clean, and especially incase you are in need of a quick fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in the VeePower products?

Our VeeGentle's ingredients are Purified Water, Lauryl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, ACV, Maltodextrin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid. Our VeeCleanse suppositories are 100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid in gelatin capsules.

How do I use the VeePower products?

VeePower bundle is an easy, at-home routine for managing optimal vaginal pH balance and overall feminine hygiene. VeeGentle is used daily as a soft feminine soap in the shower or bath. Gently lather VeeGentle onto your vagina and rinse with water. VeeGentle is also OK to use on the rest of your body. VeeCleanse is best used by inserting 1 suppository vaginally at night for 7 days or until symptoms go away. IMPORTANT: VeeCleanse is a vaginal suppository. Insert into vagina. Do not consume orally! We suggest using a panty liner when using VeeCleanse.

Will VeePower help with odor, itch, and discharge?

Our bundle of VeeCleanse and VeeGentle gives you pH-balancing power for odor control and prevention. Having a balanced pH will greatly help the symptoms of odor, itch, and discharge. Properly balanced vaginal pH will help alleviate many negative various vaginal health symptoms.

Are there any side effects of using VeePower?

Side effects of using VeeCleanse are rare, but can include watery discharge, mild burning, gritty sensation in the vagina. There are generally no side effects from using VeeGentle.

How Often Should I Use VeePower?

The VeeGentle soap should be used daily. For VeeCleanse we recommend an initial 7-day treatment to support a healthy vaginal pH. After your pH is in a healthy range and odor and itch is gone, we recommend using the suppositories as-needed after common pH disrupting activities like swimming, working out, sex, or periods.

How quickly does VeePower work?

Most women see improved symptoms within 24 hours. We recommend using the suppositories to get symptoms under control and VeeGentle to help keep pH balanced and symptoms in check.

Are these products safe?

Yes! Our products are made in facilities with the highest manufacturing standards and certifications. We are featured in many OB/GYN and feminine wellness clinics.

Is VeePower right for me?

As women, we know that vaginal issues can mean a wide variety of things. We suggest that you know your body and your symptoms in detail. If you have specific concerns or are not sure what your symptoms mean we suggest you speak with your doctor. VeePower is not intended to be a cure or treatment for diseases, but rather an effective cleaner, deodorant, and pH balancing routine for overall good feminine hygiene.


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