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I’ve always struggled with odor, I had to try something. Literally the FIRST DAY I used this it completely took any odor away! My confidence is so much higher, and I’m just more comfortable in my own skin! Get it get it get it! Worth every penny.

-Kathryn C.

Simply the BEST!

I wish I had known about your products 2 1/2 years ago - I've been in and out of the Doctors office and had tried just about everything when I discovered you online. After one night of using the capsules, I felt like a new person - I could hardly believe it! I am so grateful and feel like my old self again…active, fresh and alive! I read other similar reviews and was skeptical but also desperate-I had been on conventional meds and all kinds of pre and probiotics-I tried changing my underwear, my washing detergent, my diet, my everything and NOTHING helped…UNTIL-your product!!! What a lifesaver-no more discharge, irritation, BV or yeast infections (which came after the antibiotic course of treatment). I will stay on this as long as I have too just to feel this much better!!!!!


Gentle Sensitive ACV Wash- amaaaazing!!!

I am extremely sensitive in the v area and have never been able to use anything but clear fresh water to rinse with. I use aveeno fragrance free body wash on the rest of my body. Even dove sensitive is a no go for me- just the soap that trickles down during a shower is enough to leave me in trouble. This stuff is just amazing. The tiniest bit goes a long way and I can apply it directly to the v area and really clean thoroughly - zero irritation!!!!!! I’m hooked. Feeling clean and fresh and having a fool proof solution for this life long issue has been life changing!

-Amy H.

Buy this product now!

I was a bit skeptical at first considering I randomly found VeeFresh while scrolling through Facebook, BUT I LOVE THIS STUFF! Definitely worth the purchase! The VeeWipes keep you feeling clean all day I carry them with me now because they’re just that great. I really like using the VeeGentle it does the job and doesn’t aggravate my skin which I usually have issues with due to having sensitive skin. Don’t get me started on the VeeCleanse.. got irritation or any itchiness? Use VeeCleanse it’s magic literally works within a few hours. All in all I give these products a 10/10 I even bought PH strips just to make sure the products worked… and they dooooo! Oder free and no discomfort!

-Morgan F.


I have been struggling with BV and things my entire life. I used this product ONE time and I have my confidence back. I read that people used it once and I didn’t believe them. It literally works right away and the soap and wipes help maintain. So happy I got this product.

-Becca H.

Girl Get This Right Now

I do not even know how to start this review. I have literally searched for years trying to find something to get rid of my fishy smell, I fr thought it was hopeless, I thought it was something wrong with me because I would always hear other women say “all you need is soap and water” but just using that wasn’t enough for me, BUT HONEY I came across Veefresh and it Changed.My.LIFE honey when I say no smell, I say no mf smell. Just the wash and the wipes work wonders but throw in the veecleanse with it too? Pure Kitty Heaven. I have never felt this clean and confident before, there isn’t even a smell after I pee.If you are a woman out there struggling and feeling self conscious about your kitty, 
(Ik u got at least $50 in dat bank account).


A true life changer!

I've used The Veefresh bundle for 2 weeks now and it has made a huge difference in how I feel in my sensitive areas. The veewipes make me feel fresh and clean each time I use them, they are perfect to use between showers and feel like an actual clean, and they are great for on the go! The veecleanse suppositories have given me a new feeling of comfort and clean. Even my husband noticed a difference. It hasn't been long enough to know for sure if it actually helps with yeast infections or UTI's but I am hopeful with how well it has worked so far. It says uou can use then daily right before bedtime but i have only used them twice a week and it has been a game changer. The veegentle body wash is exactly that, gentle. I have notice a huge difference with shaving using this body wash. I used to get Razor burn on my sensitive areas every time I would shave even while using sensitive skin shaving creams and after washing with soap. It would be painful and burn. With the veegentle body wash, there is no pain or burn and I feel cleaner than I ever have with any soap. I definitely recommend the veecleanse sterile applicators for inserting the suppositories, it makes a world of difference I bought a box of 7 and they are reusable if you wash with warm water and soap or you can just toss them away. So far these items have done amazing for me and I hope they continue to do so.

-Tonya C. 

Works as expected

This has really helped me keep my vee fresh and balanced. My vee is so sensitive and needs to be treated with the most delicate care. This has truly helped. Thank you vee fresh!

-Nicole M.

Meet The Woman Who's Changing Feminine Care

"I've helped thousands of women struggling
with vaginal conditions overcome stubborn symptoms like odor, irritation, itching, and discomfort for good."

-Natasha Semago, Founder

Just like the PayPal Mafia who changed the financial industry, our founder Natasha Semago has revolutionized feminine care, helping thousands overcome stubborn symptoms and feel like a million bucks.

From an off balance Vee...

To a healthy & balanced Vee!

Natasha was once just like you too, struggling with the hidden problems caused by Vee discomfort.

From constant discomfort...

To long-lasting relief!

From countless failed remedies...

To a simple & effective 3-step routine!

This is what makes Natasha stand out in a sea of wannabe entrepreneurs.

Natasha saw that Doctors and other healthcare professionals were simply following the rulebook.

So she decided to tackle this problem herself.

Beyond Temporary Relief: The VeePower Philosophy

Driven individuals are not satisfied with temporary relief.

They seek complete solutions.

VeePower addresses the root causes of vaginal discomfort, not just masking the symptoms.

Not Just a Product: The VeePower Movement

  • pH balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of dyes, fragrances, parabens, and sulfates
  • Gynecologist approved
  • Nature-derived ingredients

VeePower isn’t just about immediate relief.

It’s about cultivating a regimen for lifelong vaginal health.

With over 500,000 happy customers, we're not just a product; we're a movement.

Natasha’s revolution, to help women like her overcome and conquer their confidence problems and live a life free from Vee limits.

Break Free from Toxic Chemicals: The VeePower Promise

From toxic chemicals...

To clean, nature-derived ingredients!

From experiencing odor...

To smelling & feeling fresh!

From feeling self-conscious...

To radiating confidence!

From temporary fixes...

To a lifelong solution!

Experience the extraordinary benefits of VeePower’s pH balanced, hypoallergenic, and gynecologist approved products.

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to nature-derived ingredients.

Your New Three-Step Routine to Lifelong Relief

1. Fast-acting suppositories

2. Daily feminine wash

3. On the go feminine wipes

An all-in-one routine for effective control and prevention that lasts

Transition from temporary fixes to a lifelong solution with VeePower.

Our 3-step routine is designed to prevent vaginal infections, maintain long-term vaginal health, and help you reclaim control and confidence.

From an off balance Vee...

To a healthy & balanced Vee!

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