5 Feminine Hygiene Tips

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5 Feminine Hygiene Tips

1 Always wipe front to back

Bacteria from the anus can easily infect the vagina. So wipe front to back to avoid transferring the bacteria.

2.  Pee after sex always

Urinating after sex helps cleanse the urethra (pee hole) of bacteria that can lead to UTIs.

3.  Keep fragrance and perfumes away

Those fruity-smelling products only create problems down there!

4.  Avoid tight, restrictive clothing

Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing for long periods of time. Wear more cotton-based clothing which is breathable and doesn't trap moisture like polyester, nylon, or satin.

5.  Do Not Douche

Ever! Douching can also put you at a higher risk for pelvic inflammatory disease. If you currently have an infection, douching will only push the infection further in the vagina.

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