How It Works

General Tips for Using VeeCleanse Suppositories

Insert 1 suppository vaginally per day. Either insert the suppositories with your fingers, or use applicators specially made to help insert the suppositories.

VeeCleanse is sold as a single bottle or as a package combination with applicators to help with the insertion.

Best Times To Use VeeCleanse

Sometimes there is discharge when using the suppositories, so the best time would be at night and with a pantyliner.

VeeCleanse is good to use after sex, after periods, and after anything that will throw your vaginal pH off.

VeeCleanse Use Over Time

For many first-time users, we suggest 5-10 days of consistent use until you find relief and symptoms of pain and irritation go away.

After this initial use, most women take VeeCleanse as maintenance after activities that alter their vaginal pH. After sex, periods, & working out are some common times to use VeeCleanse. Our customers average 2-3 suppositories per week.

Side Effects

For most women VeeCleanse is relieving, soothing, and without side effects. However, with some women VeeCleanse can irritate or make problems worse. If you suspect you're having a bad reaction, we suggest you contact your doctor and stop taking the product. Don't forget about our 30-day money-back guarantee!